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Excelsior's laboratories’ focused mission is to master and implement medical science’s newest and most effective diagnostic technologies to allow providers to practice the next generation of truly personalized medicine.
Our Method

Cutting Edge Technology for Better and Faster Results

The entire menu of tests performed at Excelsior are done via the newest molecular PCR technologies in order to guarantee the most accurate analysis available today along with next day results.

What is PCR?
How We Do It

Simplified Specimen Collection and Processing

All tests and panels are processed via advanced robotics and require extremely small specimen sizes and quantities. This allows for multiple lab tests to be carried out from the same specimen and add-ons tests can be ordered without the need for additional samples.

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Industry Exclusive

Antibiotic Resistance (ABR) Panel

Excelsior offers an automatic Antibiotic Resistance Testing on all its GPP, UTI, Fungal Panel and Wound Panel tests to empower providers and facilitate a new level of personalized medicine. Testing against 28 individual antibiotics, Excelsior helps replace educated guesswork with the power of applied, settled science in every antibiotic treatment intervention.

Antibiotic Resistance (ABR) Classes

Antibiotic – Gene

  • Methicillin – mecA
  • Vancomycin – VanA1
  • Vancomycin – VanA2
  • Vancomycin – VanB
  • Quinolone and fluoroquinolone resistance – QnrA
  • Quinolone and fluoroquinolone resistance – QnrB
  • Macrolide resistance – ErmA
  • Macrolide resistance – ErmB
  • Macrolide resistance – ErmC
  • Ampicillin – ampC
  • Tetracycline – tetM
  • Carbapenem resistance – VIM
  • Carbapenem resistance – KPC
  • Carbapenem resistance – OXA-23
  • Carbapenem resistance – IMP-16
  • Carbapenem resistance – IMP-7
  • Carbapenem resistance OXA-72
  • Carbapenem resistance OXA-40
  • Carbapenem resistance – OXA-58
  • Carbapenem resistance – OXA-48
  • Carbapenem resistance – NDM
  • Beta-Lactam – blaSHV-5
  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamase – SHV
  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamase – CTX-M group 1
  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamase – CTX-M group 2
  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamase – CTX-M group 9
  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamase – CTX-M group 8/25
Saving Time + Money

The Economics of ABR

Excelsior’s ABR panel has become a game changer that allows physicians to receive precise intervention data the day after specimens are collected. Pathogens can be identified with the unparalleled precision available with PCR technology and thanks to ABR treatment can begin the same day without waiting for legacy culture tests. Correct antibiotic treatment can dramatically shorten the duration of the disease, improves patient outcomes for SNFs and LTCs, and can all but eliminate unnecessary readmissions and their severe financial penalties.

No Hassles

Simplified Excellence Available Nationwide

Forget the bygone era of missed specimen pick ups or delays due to weather and traffic conditions. All Excelsior tests are dispatched to our state-of-the-art Houston facility via prepaid UPS and FedEx overnight service where they are processed and resulted within hours, not days. Providers from the contiguous United States* simply arrange their pick ups with the world’s leading couriers and relax as they enjoy unparalleled reliability.

*Except for NY, PA, CA, RI

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