coronavirus screening

Order COVID-19/ SARS/ RPP Tests

Instructions for Ordering the COVID-19 Test

  • 1. NEW PROVIDERS: Please set up an account below.
  • 2. Order COVID-19 tests with the Order Tests form. COVID-19 screening supplies include transport media tubes with swabs, biohazard bags, requisition forms, and shipping supplies.
  • 3. Download editable Requisition Form (ONLY once you have an account set up). Complete form, including providers signature. Print form and include along with specimen when shipping to Lab.
  • 4. NEW ACCOUNTS: Download the Getting Started Guide for simple step by step instructions on how to get an account started at Excelsior DX.

1. Open an Account (for New Providers only)

2. Order COVID-19 Tests

  • Next day results
  • COVID-19/ SARS + Full Respiratory Panel
  • 24 pathogens targeted