A Complete Respiratory Solution:

Excelsior Diagnostics provides a full spectrum of PCR diagnostics for the upper and lower respiratory. The goal is to rapidly detect targeted virus, bacteria, fungus in this region and give the provider the tools to treat with the correct antibiotic or anti-fungal.


We offer comprehensive respiratory screening with four separate panels:

Respiratory Diagram
Upper Respiratory Panel
Lower Respiratory Panel (RPP)
Sinus Panel
Group A Strep

Respiratory Panels Legend

A diagram indicating the locations of the multiple respiratory screenings


Upper Respiratory Panel (RPP)


Sinus Panel


Lower Respiratory Panel (LRP)


Group A Strep (GAS)

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The Excelsior Guarantee

Excelsior Diagnostics is a specialty medical diagnostic lab that performs all testing exclusively by Polymerase Chain Reaction Molecular Analysis, the most accurate diagnostic medical testing available today.